Meet the team

Nov 2023

Exciting times are happening at International Procurement Service, and as we continue to grow, we are very excited to introduce you to our amazing team and welcome new team members. This year we have welcomed three new members to our team, each of them contributing their unique skills and expertise and further enriching our company with their fresh perspectives. We are so happy to have them all on board!


Silas Aae Kjer has joined us as our dynamic Business Development Manager playing a crucial role in the expansion of our company, while Maria Hartvigsen steps in as our dedicated Marketing Coordinator being the creative force behind our marketing activities. Recently, we have also welcomed Frederik Kjærgaard Pedersen as a consultant with the specific purpose to expand our activities and initiatives while making sure other businesses benefit from our services. The arrival of Silas, Maria and Frederik marks an important milestone for us, as we continue to broaden our competences and expand our activities.


The varied competences of our new team members complement the existing skill set of our founder and CEO, Kristine Ankerstjerne, and Co-founder, Freddy Pedersen. Both have laid the groundwork for our success and continue to steer the team towards new horizons. With a wide range of competences in house our team is now more equipped than ever to provide the best solutions and service to our valued customers.


We are very excited to embark on this journey together!