Oil Only Absorbent Pads

Feb 2024

Introducing the Oil Only Absorbent Pads – Your Ultimate Solution for Hydrocarbon Spill Control.

The Oil Only pads offer specialized absorbency tailored for hydrocarbon spill control, making them the go-to choice for effectively managing spills in various settings. Here is why the product stands out:

Specialist Absorbency: Oil Only pads are designed to selectively absorb hydrocarbons while repelling water-based liquids. This unique feature makes them ideal for protecting stormwater drains and removing oil from bodies of water.

Versatile Application: With high absorption rates, the pads serve as both a temporary containment barrier for smaller spills and an efficient cleanup tool for larger spills once they have been contained. Whether you are dealing with minor leaks or major accidents, the pads are up to the task.

Premium Material: Manufactured from highly absorbent melt-blown polypropylene, the pads offer superior performance in absorbing petroleum-based liquids while repelling water. This ensures effective cleanup without compromising safety or environmental concerns.

Static Resistance: The pads are static resistant, adding an extra layer of safety when dealing with flammable liquids. This feature enhances workplace safety and minimizes the risk of accidents in hazardous environments.


Item Number: PPP 4050 (200)

Size: 40x50cm

Perforated: 20x25cm

Package: 100pcs

Weight: 3.7KG/pack

Absorbent Amount: 92.5L/Pack (0.925L/Pad)


Whether you are in an industrial setting, a manufacturing facility, or any other environment where hydrocarbon spills pose a risk, the Oil Only Absorbent Pads provide the reliability and performance you need. Trust in this product to keep your workplace safe, clean, and compliant with environmental regulations.